The Avett Brothers Wichita, KS Poster + Silver Variant (27DC’s 50th Gig Poster)

This screen print has special meaning in that it’s 27 Design Co’s 50th gig poster!!! Alongside the regular edition poster, we’re celebrating the milestone with a very limited silver variant, backs to which will receive a commemorative 50th seal. It’s hard to believe that in less than 4 years designing Gig Posters I’d be announcing 27 Design Co’s 50th Gig Poster!!! And being that their band name graces over 75% of our collection, it’s only fitting that the 50th Gig Poster be celebrated with The Avett Brothers!


Update 2/26/15:  Regular and variants, in editions of 200 and 30 respectively, will go on sale Friday (2/27) at 9a EST.

Update 2/27/15:  Both the regular edition and silver variant are available now in the shop.

Update 2/28/15:  Thanks so very much guys!!! Both the regular edition and silver variant are SOLD OUT.