The Avett Brothers Sugar Land, TX Gig Poster

Ahhh!!! Feels so good to get this project in front of you guys! With the original show being rescheduled, I’ve been sitting on this poster with anticipation for over five months The original concept was to borrow narrative from the Avett’s song Distraction #74. The song describes a ragged Thunderbird and a figurative fork in the road involving a choice. Ragged Thunderbird – check …and that’s pretty much where the similarities of the song and the poster begin and end. I’d like to say that I always have a clear vision for a poster when I start out, but if the project allows I like to be flexible and embrace the direction the art takes me. For example – the illustration of a young man turns into an old man, the side flank of a car gives way to an angelic woman, and so on. These weren’t original choices, but by being open to new ideas along the way you can sometimes end up with a piece more unique and more thought provoking than originally intended. Enjoy


Update 8/21/17: Both Sugar Land and Flagstaff are now available in the 27DC web store.