The Avett Brothers Salina, KS Gig Poster

Keep an eye peeled, these posters along with The Avett Brothers Salina, KS Variants will be available for purchase on Thursday (6/27). Stay tuned for more details.


Update 6/28/18: The Avett Salina, KS Regular Edition Gig Posters just dropped into the web store (1:30p). Thanks everyone for the love!!! I’m marking this one SOLD OUT (9:30p).

Update 7/9/18: Hey, guys! Thanks for being so patient. The 4th of July holiday has put our shipping schedule a little behind but we’ll have all orders out this week. Thanks again.

Update 7/11/18: All orders have shipped.




The impetus for this poster came straight from the band. The band wanted to see Seth’s 1963 Ford Galaxie 500 XL illustrated for a poster (and later a t-shirt) and we were more than happy to make that happen. This car is referenced heavily in the song “In The Curve”. The comic book format was used to help tell the song’s narrative and also to add a fresh take on the illustrated car in profile.  -CC