The Avett Brothers Salina, KS Variants

We did something really fun for this poster and had some very limited edition variants printed. Editions are capped at 4 and a couple of these variants are actually 1 of 1, so they are truly one of a kind! In an effort to give more people a chance we will be selling these variants on eBay in an auction format. The Avett Brothers Salina, KS Regular Edition Gig Posters will still be available in the 27DC web store. Both regular and variant editions will drop in their respective stores on Thursday (6/28). Stay tuned for more details.


Update 6/28/18: The Salina Variants are now available for bidding on eBay.

Update 7/1/18: Auctions for the Salina Variants have closed. Thanks for bidding!

Update 7/9/18: Hey, guys! Thanks for being so patient. The 4th of July holiday has put our shipping schedule a little behind but we’ll have all orders out this week. Thanks again.

Update 7/11/18: All orders have shipped.