The Avett Brothers Charlotte 2-Night Diptych

It’s always an honor to work with The Avett Brothers, but that honor is amplified ten-fold when you are offered the opportunity to design the posters for their annual New Year’s Eve homecoming. We’ll be releasing our portions (Night 1, Night 2, and Uncut Diptych) on January 1, around noon [EST]. To stay up on the poster drop, be sure to follow us on social media and subscribe to the 27DC Newsletter (signup located at the bottom of every web page).


Update 1/1/19: The Avett Brothers Charlotte, NC Night 1, Night 2, and Uncut Diptych just dropped into the 27DC web store (11:30a). The website underwent heavy load due to the popularity of the Avett Charlotte posters. All orders placed and confirmed appear at this time to be good. At a later date we should be able to offer the remaining portions of the N1s, N2s, and Uncut Diptychs. Thanks for your patience (3:30p).

Update 1/7/19: Orders received have been confirmed. In addition, orders exceeding quantity limits have been refunded. Posters should ship out later this week – thanks again for everyone’s patience. Currently, no release date has been set for remaining Charlotte posters.

Update 1/11/19: All orders have shipped!

Update 3/15/19: The remainder of the Charlotte posters dropped last night (drop notification via the 27DC Newsletter). Most of the posters sold during the initial drop, so the very limited remainders went quick. Thanks as always! The Avett Brothers Charlotte, NC Posters are officially SOLD OUT.




Check out The Avett Brothers Charlotte, NC Diptych in the Portfolio section for edition sizes and additional specifications.