The Avett Brothers CMS BUYER’S GUIDE

What’s happening, guys! We’ve got some fun posters we’ll be dropping into the 27DC web store soon! The poster drop will be today (October 1) at a random time (shooting for midday EDT). If you haven’t already, please sign up for the 27DC Newsletter, we’ll fire off an email when the posters are about to drop. Also, while you’re here, make sure you’re registered / logged into your 27DC Account, your mailing and billing address are correct, and you’re logged into your PayPal account – this will save you time during the drop.

I’ll index the posted image with poster names (and edition sizes), but you can also view larger images of all these posters in the CMS Drive-In Portfolio section.

Moving left to right, top to bottom… Regular (1050+60), Ripple Foil (15), Marble Foil (12), Copper Foil (10), Opal Metallic (9), Rainbow Foil (9), Crystal Metallic (8), Lava Foil (6).

Best of luck everyone and enjoy! -CC


Update 10/1/20: The Avett Brothers CMS Gig Poster and Variants just dropped into the 27DC web store (11:37a).

Update 10/1/20: The Avett Brothers CMS Variants are SOLD OUT. Regular Artist Edition still remains. (2:37p).

Update 11/11/20: All CMS Gig Posters are SOLD OUT. Thanks so much, guys!