The Avett Brothers Chicago, IL 3-Night Triptych

We’ll have three new posters available, actually four, for the Avett’s 3-night stand in Chicago. Three individual night posters, plus a limited number of extra-large, uncut posters will be available in the 27DC web store Monday, 4/25, at noon EST.


Update 4/25/16:  They’re up!!! Night 1, Night 2, Night 3, and uncut 3-Night Triptych.

Update 4/26/16:  The uncut 3-Night Triptychs are SOLD OUT. Individual nights are still available.

Update 4/30/16:  The Night 3 posters are SOLD OUT. Night 1 and Night 2 are still available.

Update 9/12/16:  The Night 1 posters are SOLD OUT. Only a couple Night 2 remain.

Update 11/25/16:  All Chicago posters are now SOLD OUT. Thanks so much, guys!