Ray LaMontagne Indianapolis, IN Gig Poster

The Lawn at White River State Park in Indianapolis is hosting both Ray and The Avett Brothers back-to-back and 27DC was lucky enough to be asked by both bands to do their show posters! Look for both to drop June 16!


Update 6/15/14: Official drop tomorrow will be 9a EST. Thanks everyone!

Update 6/16/14: Both Ray LaMontagne and Avett Brothers posters are up in the store!!!

Update 6/17/14: Thanks everyone for your orders and support! Marking the Avett Brothers posters UNAVAILABLE in the web store. If you missed out, I’ll be taking a handful to the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago to sell live. If any remain after the festival I’ll put them up in the web store. Ray LaMontagne posters still remain!

Update 7/8/14: Marking the Ray LaMontagne posters UNAVAILABLE in the web store. See above update for an explanation on possible future availablity.

Update 7/22/14: The Avett Brothers Indianapolis poster is SOLD OUT, a few Ray LaMontagne posters still remain.

Update 8/31/14: Just sold the last Ray LaMontagne Indy poster. Both Indianapolis posters are now SOLD OUT, big thanks guys!