Josh Ritter Warm-Up Tour Poster

To kick off the new album, Josh Ritter & The Royal City Band hit the snow ridden northeast and Canada for their 2013 Warm-Up Tour. Being that this was the Warm-Up tour, a bit of a pre-tour before the kickoff of the main tour, management decided that the title track “Bonfire” might be the perfect inspiration to set the mood. Equipped with an early release of the album and a headful of woodsy, outdoorsy imagery, I set out to design the poster. A lone guitarist sitting in front of a huge fire seemed just the ticket. A thick array of birch trees set the landscape. And fresh falling snow completes the scene. Hope you enjoy!


Update 2/19/13:  Available for purchase 2/20.

Update 2/20/13:  And they’re up!

Update 11/27/15:  The Josh Ritter Warm-Up tour poster is SOLD OUT.