Gov’t Mule / Avett Bros. Noblesville Gig Poster

We will have regular edition prints as well as Gov’t Mule / Avett Bros. Noblesville Variants up for sale later this week (probably Friday, August 31st). We’re still waiting on the variants to arrive so we can’t set a firm date yet, but stay tuned to social media and sign up for the 27DC Newsletter (signup forms located at the bottom of every 27DC web page) as we will definitely be making an announcement with an official drop date soon. Thanks, guys!


Update 8/30/18: We can confirm, the official drop date for all Noblesville posters (Variants & Regular Editions) will be this Friday (8/31).

Update 8/31/18: The Gov’t Mule / Avett Bros. Noblesville Posters (Regular Edition & Foil Variant) just dropped into the 27DC web store (noon). Color Variants are now available for bid on eBay (6p).

Update 9/10/18: All orders from the drop have been filled and shipped. Keep an eye peeled! Regular Edition and Foil Variant still available for purchase.




Space, Trains, Gov’t Mule, The Avett Brothers… yeah, we were really getting into this one! Noblesville was the last town I called home before settling in Indianapolis, so there’s lots of good feels happening on that level as well. And speaking of Noblesville, the town lost their rail service just this year – that was the starting point for this poster’s theme. The train illustrated is actually based on the train that used to run the tracks of Noblesville and the surrounding area. The idea was to reimagine the train retrofitted with old Apollo-era rocket parts. There are also a plethora of references from my youth sprinkled in. Back To The Future, LEGO Space, The Polar Express, to name a few, were never far from my mind as a I worked through the design and feel of this piece. Hope you enjoy!   -CC




Check out Overprinting: Getting More Out Of Your Colors, where we use the Mule / Avett Poster as an example on how to achieve more colors in a screen print through the process of overprinting.