Gov’t Mule / Avett Bros. Noblesville Variants

Alongside the Gov’t Mule / Avett Bros. Noblesville Regular Edition Gig Posters, we’ll also be releasing some Variant Editions. The largest edition and most notable will be the Rainbow Foil Variant (edition of 50), but we’ll also have some other extremely limited edition variants (only 4 prints in each edition) printed on various paper stocks available as well. The drop date for all Noblesville posters will be this Friday (8/31). In an effort to give more people a chance we will be selling the extremely limited color variants on eBay in an auction format. Regular Edition and Foil Variants will be available for purchase as usual in the 27DC web store. Stay tuned to social media and sign up for the 27DC Newsletter (signup forms located at the bottom of every 27DC web page) for more details.


Update 8/31/18: The Gov’t Mule / Avett Bros. Noblesville Posters (Regular Edition & Foil Variant) just dropped into the 27DC web store (noon). Color Variants are now available for bid on eBay (6p).

Update 9/10/18: All orders from the drop have been filled and shipped. Keep an eye peeled! Regular Edition and Foil Variant still available for purchase.




As I was creating these posters I knew I wanted to make variants and possibly even a foil. With different papers in mind, I paid close attention to where the paper would show through the design. Transparent inks (lime green & cyan blue) were also used to help give the variants a distinctly different look from the regular edition prints. I personally don’t believe foil paper makes every poster better but when purposely utilized they can provide stunning results. The rainbow foil in this print does a nice job complimenting the other colors, and also serves as a nice callback to the 1973 Dark Side Of The Moon album cover with it’s rainbow prism.  -CC




Check out Overprinting: Getting More Out Of Your Colors, where we use the Mule / Avett Poster as an example on how to achieve more colors in a screen print through the process of overprinting.