The Creepy House Explained

Ya know that creepy house on your block? The one we’ve all seen in our favorite movies? (The ‘Burbs, To Kill A Mockingbird) Those movie houses in particular were the inspiration for the house in the Avett Chicago N3 2016 gig poster.

I figured since we were talking about this poster series it would be fun to dig a little deeper into the thought process for the design.

There are two criteria in my book for creating a “creepy house”. First, it has to be Victorian, and second, it has to have a turret. Check, and check.
Why are only the basement lights on?? Two reasons (the second I’ll cover in the next post). It’s back to the movie “The ‘Burbs” – what the hell is going on in that basement?!?! Now for some easter eggs… The “1976” house number isn’t arbitrary, Scott Avett was turning 40 later that year, so the house number was a callback to his birth year. “1976”, along with the other house numbers, also establishes the years/decade this poster series was styled after.