Phil Lesh & TTFB Chicago, IL Gig Poster

We’ll have our copies of the Phil Lesh Chicago gig posters in the shop later this week. Keep an eye on this post for more details. And if you haven’t already, subscribe to the 27DC Newsletter. We’ll send out an email before the drop.   Update 11/22/17: Phil Lesh & The Terrapin Family Band Chicago […]

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The Avett Brothers Sugar Land, TX Gig Poster

Ahhh!!! Feels so good to get this project in front of you guys! With the original show being rescheduled, I’ve been sitting on this poster with anticipation for over five months The original concept was to borrow narrative from the Avett’s song Distraction #74. The song describes a ragged Thunderbird and a figurative fork in […]

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The Avett Brothers Flagstaff, AZ Gig Poster

We’re pleased to bring you another Avett Brothers poster! This time it’s for Flagstaff, Arizona. Now, Arizona gets the stereotype of being all dry desert and cacti, but Flagstaff is actually very lush with mountains and pines. I modeled the poster off a similar experience. We were winding our way up a narrow pass of […]

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Rare Stock Summer Sale

In lieu of doing a live event this summer we decided to do a more accessible online sale. While combing through our flat files we were able to uncover some rare stock that hasn’t been available in the 27DC web store in a long time! Not only are these rare gems available again, we’ve also discounted a lot of […]

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Photo credit: Josh Timmermans

At The Beach Riviera Maya, Mexico Stage

Included in the At The Beach branding was the design of the stage scrims and stage header. I have to admit, it’s pretty damn satisfying to see your art super-sized 50 feet into the air and placed front and center amongst thousands of concert-goers. Looking at the stage design, you can start to understand why the […]

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